THORNS OF THE ROSES Alfred James Phillips
An exciting and heartwarming adventure of love and faith that will make your heart sing!


I'm Alfred James Phillips, author of Thorns Of The Roses: A Family's March to Freedom.

A troubled time in America's past.

Having lived in Montgomery, Alabama during the 1950s and '60s, I witnessed the results of bigotry and segregation as blacks struggled to gain their civil rights. I saw half-empty city buses traveling the streets of Montgomery, as boycotting riders refused to sit in the rear. I was there when innocent children were slaughtered as they sat in their church to pray. And I watched as heroic marchers were viciously beaten and trampled when they attempted to cross the river bridge in Selma.

Books about history often are dry, fact filled tomes crammed with names, dates and events. While these are important, another way to learn about history is to read a good novel on the subject. Author Alfred James Phillips provides a compelling view of the civil rights movement with a bevy of endearing characters in his novel, "Thorns of the Roses": A Family's March to Freedom.


Reviewed by Marianne Moates Weber, author of "Truman Capote's Southern Years."









Experience the love, laughter, terror and tears..........a love story for all ages!

But I also saw another side of the story, one seldom told about white families that were outraged and saddened by those vicious acts of hate. Thorns of the Roses is that story. It is a fictional tale of faith, hope and love that shares 'real' history while relating anecdotal stories about a very troubled time in America's past. It is a story for all ages.

About my latest book, Thorns Of The Roses: A Family's March to Freedom


NOW.....a story to help heal a troubled time in America's present!

After years of relative tranquility, the mixed-race Miller family experiences a traumatic wake-up call as racial tensions begin to build across the South. Thorns of the Roses is the story of a white family and their adopted Negro child who live in the segregated South in the 1950s and '60s. It is the chronicle of one family's struggle against the consequences of bigotry and prejudice while honoring the triumph of the human spirit.

A Time for..knowledge and personal responsibility,

guided by faith, hope and love!

Experience the love, laughter, terror and tears when the family moves from North Carolina to Montgomery, Alabama and attempts to adapt to a 'separate-but-equal' society. Join the boy, Tommy John Miller and the Miller's maid, Hannah as they inadvertently share the Montgomery bus ride with Rosa Parks. And be there when Tommy John, now a young man, and his godfather and others are driven back as they attempt to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. But most of all, share the joy of the finish when Eunice Miller's pregnancy brings forth new life and Tommy John leads Eunice's prejudiced and alcoholic mother to redemption and reunion with the Miller family. Order your copy now